Regis Sénan

The Senan family business was founded in 1952, at the heart of Brittany, near Guerlédan lake.

In 2010, 3rd generation of charcuterie manufacturer, Regis Senan (to the left on the picture) took up the challenge of producing salted sausage meats meeting the strict requirements of Japanese market, with the help of key people : Olivier Jamet (to the center of the picture), a university profesor in Japan for more than 20 years and Marc Timi (to the right on the picture), a business consultant passionate about Japan.



It took 2 years of passionate and dedicated work for this artisan to elaborate this exceptional saucisson, becoming the first french salami maker to finally reach Japan in ten years!

Made of 100% French pure superior pork and delicately spiced, each french salami is controlled, weighed and selected when it has reached perfect maturation.


The Charcuterie des Druides is strongly dedicated to quality in order to offer the best french salami, following traditions and french know how in the making process while relying on a modern approach in promoting its delicious saucisson in Asia and Japan.

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