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The story of La Perruche started in 1836, when André Cossé took over the Duval confectionary shop, located in Nantes, from his father in law , and started refining and working sugar cane, offering delcious sweets named "Candis": At the end of the 18th century, France was the first country to commercialise sugar cane in Europe, which rapidly became a popular trend for its quality and its taste.


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The Candis receipes, based on authentic sugar cane juices and tropical fragrances from the french islands where sugar can was harvested, has then been handed down from generation to generation.


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The Port of Nantes thus played a key role in the transformation of the sugar cane arriving from the islands. In 1889, the unique flavour of the brown cane sugars won multiple medals at the Paris World Fair, and the following year, this exceptional recognition gave rise to the « la Perruche » brand, originating from Reunion Island.
Nowadays, La Perruche, still retains these strong links with Reunion Island, where the sugars are still produced, as well as with Nantes where they are packaged.


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An icon of French sugar cane history, la Perruche is now part of France gastronomic and cultural heritage: Over 130 years, la Perruche has become a symbol of excellence and French gastronomy and it has earned a place on every table, both on French terraces and in the most reputable restaurants and hotels on all 5 continents in more than 50 countries.


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