La Belle-Iloise


Founded in 1932 by Georges Hilliet just off the fishing port of Quiberon, across from Belle-île-en-Mer, La belle-iloise cannery, “La Conserverie”, has been producing and distributing tinned fish for more than 85 years.

Since its founding, La belle-iloise has remained true to its values as a local company, working with the local fishermen and solely fishing in the fish grounds around the village and port of Quiberon, giving it a privileged link with the resources, the marine world, and a true understanding of its rules and seasons. 



Today the company is run by the founders grand daughter, Caroline Hilliet Le Branchu, who helped expanding the company through creativity and innovation, while keeping a traditional approach, deeply rooted in the family run business : The local fish is brought in in the morning and immediately proceeded, a lot of the work is still done by hand and only the finest ingredients are selected for their different recipes, because La Belle-Iloise truly believe it’s the best and healthiest way to handle and prepare fish cans.



Moreover, respecting the environment is a core value at la belle-illoise so you only find local sustainable fish in their tins : they always process various fish in observance of the season for that species and the minimum catch size while selecting the best fishing methods. Also, they recycle everything they can from fish to the water used for the production, even the oil used for the sardine production becomes bio fuel.

Besides, the company never compromised with their independence. By not using the classic distribution network and by owning their own stores, they managed to preserve the know-how and quality which made the success of their products.



Combining tradition and innovation, the family company continues to uphold its old-fashioned expertise to produce gourmet tinned fish (mainly sardines, mackerels and tuna), while continually pursuing an innovative approach. Their goal : bringing healthy, gourmet products with exceptional flavour to their customers.


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