The truffle is a rare and mysterious fungus, born out of the union between soil and trees. It is one of the most coveted gourmet ingredients, by both chefs and fine food lovers, thanks to it powerful and sublime aroma. The "diamond of the kitchen" , as Brillat-Savarin would call it, only delivers its finest secrets to those who have the patience to learn all there is to know about its craft. It requires patience, accuracy, perseverance, but above all, passion. A passion that the Plantin history embodies. 



Founded in 1936 in the heart of Provence, Herve Plantin dedicated his life to unveiling the secrets of the black truffle. He passed on his knowledge to the Poron family, who took over in 1986. Ever since, they have perfected their craft and passed on their knowledge from father to son so they can offer the best truffles available. Today, it is their duty and greatest pleasure to share their passion for truffles, family traditions and culinary excellence.



Because truffles and other fungus delicacies are a gift from the earth, Plantin has become a part of an entire pro-sustainability movement. Respect of the truffle orchards natural cycle, no use of pesticides ... Plantin is doing everything to become a true sustainable brand, mindful and respectful of the Nature it owes everything to.



Beyond a simple business relationship, Plantin has developed a real friendship with Michelin-starred chefs and fine food lovers all over the world, all united by the delicious secrets truffles and Earth have to offer. 


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