Kaviari Paris


Tasting caviar is like listening to a mysterious tale from the deepest seas. It is a wonderful delicacy born from the purest waters and one of the most coveted gourmet ingredients, by both chefs and fine food lovers all over the world, thanks to its stunning shining roes and it delicate, refined flavor. It took a country and sleepless nights of fearless and passionate fishermen to unlock caviar's best hidden secrets : Iran. Once upon a time, they decided to share their knowledge while fishing on the Caspian Sea with Jacques Nebot who, out of passion, founded Kaviari.



Founded more than 40 years ago by Raphael Bouchez - the protege - and Jacque Nebot - the mentor - , Kaviari has ever since deepened its expertise on caviar by perfecting secret iranian traditions. This unique knowledge is now shared between Raphael, Jacques and his children, Karin and Laurent. As one might say, passion runs in the family. They are now dedicating their time to sharing caviar's best hidden secrets, along with their passion for family traditions and culinary excellence with chefs and fine food lovers all over the world.



Because caviar and other seafood delicacies and a gift from the sea, Kaviari has become a part of an entire pro-sustainability movement. Kaviari was one of the first caviar house to turn to farm-raised caviar to prevent wild fishing and a global sturgeon extinction. Respect of the fish natural cycle, purity of the water... Kaviari is working really hard to become a true sustainable brand, mindful and respectful of the Nature it owes everything to.



Kaviari has been fortunate to earn the trust of the most celebrated chefs in the world - Joel Robuchon, Alain Ducasse, Alain Passard ... - and now serves more than 15 (out of 26) three Michelin-starred chefs in France. But beyond a simple business relationship, what they have developed is a real friendship based on a shared passion for the finest food and culinary craft. 


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