Mulot & Petitjean


Founded in 1796 in the city of Dijon, Mulot & Petitjean has been upholding the tradition of genuine Dijon Gingerbread "Pain d'Épices" for over 220 years and is now the last remaining company producing the Dijon gingerbread in the 19th century's tradition.



Specialized in producing gingerbread, its manufacturing process is keeping to the original recipes and human expertise: a large part of the production is still carried out by hand.



The preparation of the Pain d'Épices is as it always have been: it starts with the creation of a base dough from wheat flour, honey and sweetenersn which is firstly kneaded and then left to rest for a minimum of two weeks. That base dough is then reworked and made more pliable during a process called "turning".Egg yolks, raising agents, spices and natural flavours are then added. The ‘preparation is eventually rolled, cut or placed on a baking tray or in moulds.



The cooking time varies from a few minutes to two hours depending on the product being made, and the items or commodities can then be filled, iced or decorated with candied fruits. Mulot & Petitjean produce Pain d'Épices in all of its forms: nibbles, thin iced biscuits, slices, gingerbread for coffee and so on.


The Company also works in partnership with major brands for the research and development of creative and innovative recipes like the famous "Nonettes". Mulot & Petitjean is certified «Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant», a quality label from the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, implemented to distinguish French companies for their excellent traditional and industrial savoir-faire.

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