Huilerie Beaujolaise


Created in 1982 by the Montegottero family in the small town of Beaujeu, at the heart of the Beaujolais area, Huilerie Beaujolaise has won over big names in the world of French and international gastronomy for the exceptional quality of its range of oils and vinegars.



When Jean-Marc's parents discovered a 19th-century oil mill in 1981, they decided to restore the factory. They finally began selling to French chefs in 1987 as part of a permanent trade arrangement.



Huilerie Beaujolaise and its expertise offer an artisanal product that is unique, authentic, and healthy and has been crafted using only the best artisan methods. With his passion for discovering and tasting the Mediterranean flavors, Jean-Marc was able to select the premium quality raw materials that are now part of the wide range of oils and vinegars that he offers, all being made from completely natural virgin products, using only one type of fruit for each of them.



Today, Jean-Marc strives to blend tradition with modernity: Huilerie Beaujolaise is dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends while meeting the needs of its customers.


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