Maison Duculty


This family-run business, located in the heart of the Pilat Regional Nature Park, in the town of Terrasse-sur-Dorlay (Loire), is now a major brand in charcuterie production. It makes cured charcuterie using an ancestral artisanal method, which has been handed down through the family since 1816. 


To make a high quality product, The current owner Gaëtan Duculty scrupulously respects the artisanal production methods of his ancestors, with no chemical additives. It all begins with stringent selection of ingredients, with shoulder, lard, loin, spare rib, breast or ham from regional farmyard pigs raised outdoors.

Next, the meat is naturally matured in the pure air of the Pilat Regional Nature Park.
The saucissons, in a natural pork casing, are dried on wooden bars, enabling the development of the fungus that guarantees its unique flavour. Gradually, this fungus, named ‘Penicillium roqueforti’ grows around the charcuterie. The maturation period lasts several weeks (and up to 18 months for certain pieces). This production method guarantees an authentic taste.

Guided by tradition, Maison Duculty holds the title ‘Maître-Artisan’ (Master Artisan), a major French label which guarantees professionalism and quality in the making of their products, and are certified as an ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ (Living Heritage Company), a symbol of their attachment to our rural and traditional roots.


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