Shipping method

We use the Yu-pack service provided by Japan Post as our main delivery service. We might work with Yamato Kuro-neko from time to time and specific orders.

For each orders on our store we charge a shipping fee ranging from 890 yen to 1490 yen depending on where you live in Japan. This fee includes postage fee, packaging items (cardboard box, tape, wrapping, etc) and handling fee.
When necessary, refrigerated packaging is also included at no extra cost.

Tracking a parcel

Once your order has shipped, you'll receive tracking information within your shipping confirmation e-mail, therefore allowing you to :
- track your parcel throughout the delivery process
- request a preferred Delivery Time directly to Japan Post
- contact Japan Post for any change/request regarding the delivery of your parcel.

It is also possible to track your order directly from your customer account within the My Orders section.

Shipping fee

Our shipping fees are based on flat rates depending solely on the delivery distance, no matter how much you order on our store.

Shipping fees are divided as follow :

- Delivery to Tokyo : 890 yen
- Delivery to Zone 1 : 990 yen (Tohoku, Kanto, Shin-etsu, Hokuriku, Tokai, Kinki)
- Delivery to Zone 2 : 1090 yen (Chugoku & Shikoku)
- Delivery to Zone 3 : 1290 yen (Hokkaido & Kyushu)
- Delivery to Okinawa : 1490 yen

Feel free to take a look at the map below for a visual description.

Also, we are currently not offering shipping outside of Japan, mainly due to regulation and logistic imperatives. Thank you for your understanding.

Free shipping

We offer free shipping with no surcharge for purchases over 10 000 yen (tax included) wherever you are in Japan. 

Delivery time

It usually takes 1 to 3 business days for an order to be delivered from the moment you confirmed the payment : 2 business days for shipping, 1 business day for delivery.
For your information, as per our experience if you order before 12pm on any business day, chances that your order reaches you the next day are very high.

However, please note that it could take up to 3 to 5 days depending on whether you're living in northern or southern part of Japan and 3 to 7 days if you're living in a remote area of Japan (remote Okinawan islands, some part of southern Kyushu and north-east Hokkaido). All this being solely depending on the Postal service efficiency.

Undelivered parcels

In case you are prevented from accepting the delivery of your order, it will be stored for one week by the postal service before being shipped back to us: Please make sure to contact your nearest Japan Post office as soon as possible to reschedule a delivery.

In case your parcel has been sent back to our warehouse, please contact us directly to sort this issue out.

Map of delivery zones