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Coming from a long family tradition in the spirits industry, Anne and Philippe Rozès started the cannery in 1970. The production workshop was set up in the small town of Lahonce on the banks of the Adour river, in the Pays Basque area. Anne was then cooking and preparing canned products, while her husband Philippe travelled all over Aquitaine in a small van filled with samples.


Anne & philippe Rozès


The small cannery started with duck and cooked vegetables products, but as the years went by, the range of products expanded: veal axoa, Espelette pepper pâté, piperade, garbure and black cherry jams... With time, a growing number of retailers started offering their products throughout the France's South-West: butchers, delicatessens, creameries and wineries were offering Anne Rozès preserves.



Then in 2005, after their son Franck took over the canning factory in 1998, a turning point: A partnership was concluded with Christian Parra, a two-starred chef, for three of his recipes, including black pudding. Christian's experience and reputation opened the doors to the restaurant world and reinforced Anne rozès products' reputation.


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Nowadays, the Anne Rozès team is composed of 15 people, and a store has been opened to showcase their authentic know-how and delicious recipes.



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