Maison de Savoie

The Maison de Savoie brand, a member of the Bell France group, can be found in the picturesque town of Aime La Plagne, located in the Savoie region.



Nestled amidst majestic mountains including the Mont-Blanc, the region boasts a rich heritage of traditional pork cuisine and a well-established pork-based food culture. The climate, characterized by its suitability for maturing cured ham and salami, makes it the perfect location for the production of dry-cured products. The area is also home to a diverse array of local dishes that pair perfectly with wine, such as raclette, cheese fondue and salami.
These culinary creations draw inspiration from traditional techniques and feature locally sourced ingredients from the Savoyarde region, including the world renowned Beaufort cheese.



Traditional Savoie Salami are prepared only with the finest parts of pork meat (ham, loin, shoulders) and a long curing time in the fresh air of the Alps, typicaly longer than for its neighbour, the Italian salami, allowing for a great depth of meaty flavors. Additionally, the ingredients used are selected with attention to local ingredients available at the foot of Mont Blanc.



Bell France, a big player in the French food industry, makes this tasty French salami under their Maison de Savoie brand. The company started with a charcuterie store, Môssieur Polette, in Lyon, France in 1925. It was a spot where foodies from all over would come to indulge. In 1974, a larger company was started, and the second generation inherited and grew the five factories that made regional specialties in Lyon, but also Savoie and Auvergne regions. In 2008, it became a part of the Bell Group and is now one of the three brands under the Bell France umbrella, with a great variety of cured-meat products, including a wide range of "Saucisson de Savoie" products.


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