Hénaff is a family-owned food company with a rich history dating back to 1907, when the founder Jean Hénaff established it with the goal of promoting prosperity in the Bigouden region of Brittany by establishing a seasonal vegetable canning factory in the town of Pouldreuzic.



However, to keep the business active year-round, Jean Hénaff quickly searched for new products. In 1915, he introduced the iconic Hénaff Pâté, made from whole pork and a recipe that has been passed down unchanged through generations. The success of its unique and unchanged pâté allowed Hénaff to expand its product range throughout the 20th century, with a variety of canned vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat, and attain national recognition.



In the 1980s, Jean-Jacques Hénaff, the third-generation owner of the company, decided to focus solely on Hénaff Pâté due to the depletion of fish and vegetable resources in the Brittany region. He introduced Hénaff Fresh Sausage in 1995, which became popular in Brittany and was recognized by the state as an "Enterprise of Living Heritage" for its exceptional expertise in transforming whole pigs into Hénaff Pâté or Saucisse Hénaff.



Today, Loïc Hénaff, the fourth-generation owner, has continued to modernize the company by incorporating organic products, seaweed, and space food into its product line! The famous French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet  even brought Hénaff pâté to the International Space Station.



The company is also committed to a responsible approach with a positive impact, known as BeGood 2030, to meet the challenges of sustainable development and ensure the well-being of future generations.


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