Alexis Muñoz

An instinctive entrepreneur and passionate about olive oil, Alexis Muñoz acquired his know-how during an initial journey all around the Mediterranean basin. For 10 years, his travels have been guided by olive trees. He observed and took part in the production of numerous olive oils, sharing the daily life of a dozen of mills. These journeys allowed him to develop his expertise and his own clear vision of olive oil.



Alexis Muñoz has created a brand of olive oils, bearing his name, sourced from some of the richest and most unique lands around the world, with two factors in common: they are all single variety and strictly organic: Alexis Muñoz stands by his belief that a quality olive variety of any character should remain pure and not be mixed or blended with another variety. That way, he introduced the notion of vintage, offering to his olive oils a strong typicity varying from year to another, according to harvests and weather conditions.



Today, Alexis Muñoz produces exceptional, singular, and intense olives oils. A qualified and graduated olive oil taster, Alexis’ rigorous and precise palate made him an established oleologist. collaborating without numerous starred Chefs in the world praising the high quality of his products.

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