Rituels culinaires #2 - le Goûter (version anglaise)

Rituels culinaires #2 - le Goûter (version anglaise)

It is said that French people can enjoy their life by prioritizing free time for themselves and their family: They actively try their best to create such free and happy time, and it includes the way they cook and eat.

In this blog post serie, we will introduce some tips to help you creating enjoyable time the way French people do it.

And today, we will talk about "Le Goûter", an important afternoon food break which can be compared to the Japanese Oyatsu.

"Le goûter", a traditional French afternoon break

Since French people tend to have late dinner around 8pm, sometimes later, le goûter, which means "to taste" in French, is an important break time for them and it usually happens around 4pm when kids are back from school, usually consisting in some sweet snacks paired with either a fruit juice, or tea and coffee for the adults.
Moreover, it is not even considered snacking: goûter has its own traditions and usually involves sharing it with family or friends for a quiet short food break before getting ready for the evening.

A sweet treat

An important point for le Goûter is that the food accompanying the drink is always sweet and there is no exceptions! Most of the time, it is simple: cakes, viennoiseries (Pain au chocolat, croissant) pastries such as madeleines or biscuits such as Sablés or Galettes. But it can also be made of homemade crêpes stuffed with a delicious jam or with chocolate cream, or perhaps some pieces of apple pie or chocolate tart.
All in all, it is always savory and easy to eat to fill the time between two activities.


As you can see, le Goûter is an important part of French gastronomy and a key meal that most would never miss, loved by both adult and kids. It really is a wondeful moment for everyone in France.

Hopefully with this post you will find the inspiration to try a Goûter time and enjoy delightful sweets and drinks!

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