Starting a blog in 2022, really?

Starting a blog in 2022, really?

A real question: Is it really worth it to start a blog in 2022? 

I've grown more and more skeptical about the use of a blog in a world full of social networking, 1.5x speeded-up video and reels.
And, having handled a blog myself in the past, I know how few people read that kind of format on a regular basis nowadays, and compared to the huge effort it requires to keep a blog up to date, especially in three languages in the case of our store, it's a legit question.

The point of blogging

The fact is, an online food store's blog is probably not only about recipes, product's presentation or food pictures but also about communicating with others and providing a glimpse of your true identity.
Of course, we set up Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts in that matter, probably others will follow trends in the future, but it eventually always comes down to an algorithm deciding for you if you're worth the consumer's reading time or not. Having our own communication tool seems like an idea in that case.

Plus, I like writing and I am the old-school type, so... why not?

Let's give it a try!

So it has been decided: we will try keeping a blog up to date in order to provide some recipes of our own or recommended by our partners, introduce new interesting products, probably some interviews and travel reports, along with a few "behind the scenes" posts to tell you more about us. Hopefully our readers will like them!
And if one day there is no new content after a few month, it means we simply gave up about the idea. Please bear with us in that case :)

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