Edmond Fallot

The Moutarderie Fallot is a family-owned and operated business located in Burgundy, established in 1840 by Léon Bouley, who opened a mustard and oil factory. His products were quickly recognized for their superior quality, and in 1903, he received recognition from the City of Paris at the International Exhibition. Subsequently, his successors upheld his commitment to quality by seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, and the business truly flourished under the leadership of Edmond Fallot, who assumed control in 1928 and successfully navigated the challenges of the Second World War. The family's expertise in mustard production was passed down through generations until 1994, when Marc Désarménien, the grandson of Edmond Fallot, assumed control of the business. He modernized the company while preserving the traditional method of mustard production.



Boasting a well-equipped facility, La Moutarderie Fallot has successfully protected the traditional craftsmanship of mustard making, specifically by being the last Moutarderie in France to use the grinding of seeds in a stony grindstone, which preserves the unique flavors of the dough. The company places a significant emphasis on conservation and environmental protection, including the sorting and disposal of waste and the treatment of effluents, and also collaborates with local partners and producers to revive the cultivation of the "Sevene" mustard seeds in the Burgundy regio, and use it for their production.



At present, the company is under the leadership of Marc Désarménien, the grandson of Edmond Fallot, and a dedicated team of approximately twenty employees contribute to the production of high-quality products. Over the years, the company has expanded its offerings to include an array of aromatic mustards, vinegars, and other condiments such as pickles, all crafted with a devotion to quality. In particular, the company places a premium on utilizing the flavors of the Burgundian soil, such as mustard with seeds of Burgundy and white wine PDO of Burgundy.


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