Assaisonnements Briards - Moutarde de Meaux

 According to historians, it is in the XIIIth century that the mustard of Meaux was for the first time enjoyed by a king of France, but it is only in 1632 that it appeared in an official way, at the royal table. At that time, manufactured exclusively by the monks of Meaux, it was called "Moutarde de Meaux".



In 1760, a dignitary of the Chapter of Meaux transmitted to Mr. J.B. Pommery, a Mustard maker owning a mill and a factory in the city of Meaux, the secret of the original mustard of Meaux, which helped it gain in popularity accross the country. The mustard then became the Moutarde de Meaux® Pommery®.



The Pommery family perpetuated the production of mustard without ever delivering the secret of manufacture until 1927, before the company was bought back by the "Vinaigrerie du Lion de Lagny", the traditional vinegar supplier for the Moutarde de Meaux® Pommery®. In 1949, "Les Assaisonnements Briards" company was created by the new owners, the Chamois family, once the secret receipe was transmited to them in order to perpetuate the traditional making of this delicious mustard.



With its local and national fame, this recipe, which dates back over three centuries, began to be exported in the 1970s when Pierre Chamois began to introduce the rest of the world to this culinary preparation.
Moutarde de Meaux® Pommery® has kept its manufacturing secrets and remained unchanged since, thanks to selected ingredients but also the continuity of unequaled know-how, the result of a successful family transmission through centuries.

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